Physiotherapy On Wheels is comprised of two divisions, outpatient therapy and home care therapy. What ever your physiotherapy needs are, we can help.

Home Care

Laser TherapyWe strive to provide our patients with innovative home physiotherapy care, servicing greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Our home care services cater to private, motor vehicle, and workers compensation claims. Through our “rolling clinic” home care patients have access to all our clinic amenities with uninterrupted one-on-one care with their provider. Treatment includes a professional treatment table, manual therapy administered by health care provider, modalities (ultrasound, laser, TENS, exercise equipment, etc.), and an individual exercise program.

Our health care team has extensive experience with spinal cord injuries (quadriplegia and paraplegia), ABI and closed head injuries, fractures, and soft tissue injuries.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy ClinicOur ground floor, 1,600 square foot clinic is wheelchair accessible with newly renovated free parking. The clinic consists of semi-private and private treatments rooms and a full service exercise studio. In addition to our emphasis on client care and manual therapy, the clinic patients may benefit from an array of therapeutic modalities including laser therapy, ultrasound, TENS, and acupuncture.

In our bright and spacious exercise studio, patients benefit from the combination of manual therapy with individual injury specific exercise programs with a kinesiologist, developed to aid recovery.

Did you know that if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, costs for medical rehabilitation (including home care) are covered by your auto insurance company? For your convenience we bill your auto insurer and / or health benefit plan directly. In addition we will aid you with completion of your accident benefits package and complete any necessary documentation or auto insurance forms.

Additional Services

Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world. It aims to restore and maintain health through the insertion and manipulation of needles into the body. At Physiotherapy On Wheels we have found that many of our patients benefit from the use of acupuncture in conjunction with other therapeutic services.

Orthotics are devices that support or correct human function. Orthotics are designed to treat various biomechnical disorders, relieve pain, increase functional efficiency, and reduce fatigue. Our custom cast orthotics are administered by a registered chiropodist.

Orthopedic Braces are non-surgical, orthopedic rehabilitation devices used for pain management and physical therapy. At Physiotherapy On Wheels we work with leading providers to assist our patients in obtaining a diverse range of orthopedic rehabilitation products aimed at addressing the complete spectrum of preventative, pre-operative, post-operative, and clinical care.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation and well-being. Registered massage therapy is available in clinic and covered by most insurance benefit plans.